Why Snowball’s Leadership Sets Him Apart: Analyzing the Success of Snowball as a Leader in Animal Farm

Why Is Snowball A Good Leader In Animal Farm

Discover why Snowball is considered a great leader in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Analyze his intelligence, strategic thinking, and dedication to equality.

Snowball, the vivacious and ingenious pig, stands as a shining example of exceptional leadership in George Orwell’s allegorical novella, Animal Farm. With his eloquence and unwavering dedication to the principles of animalism, Snowball captivates the attention of both his fellow farm animals and readers alike. Throughout the story, it becomes evident that Snowball possesses a remarkable ability to inspire and mobilize his comrades, propelling them towards their collective goal of revolution. By examining his strategic thinking, persuasive communication skills, and commitment to equality, it becomes clear why Snowball is heralded as an exemplary leader within the ranks of Animal Farm.


The character of Snowball in George Orwell’s allegorical novel, Animal Farm, is often overlooked or overshadowed by the tyrannical Napoleon. However, Snowball proves to be an exceptional leader, displaying qualities that make him a strong and effective leader for the animals on the farm. From his intelligence and strategic thinking to his passion for equality and education, Snowball’s leadership skills are evident throughout the story.

Intelligence and Strategic Thinking

Snowball’s intelligence sets him apart as a leader. He is constantly seeking ways to improve the conditions and lives of all the animals on the farm. With his keen intellect, Snowball devises the idea of the windmill, which symbolizes progress and technological advancement. His ability to think strategically allows him to plan and organize the construction of the windmill efficiently, ensuring the animals’ long-term welfare and prosperity.


Passion for Equality

Snowball’s passion for equality is another quality that makes him a remarkable leader. He genuinely believes in the principles of Animalism and works tirelessly to ensure that all animals are treated fairly and have equal opportunities. Snowball advocates for the abolition of class distinctions and consistently fights for the rights of the working class animals, emphasizing the importance of unity and solidarity among them.

Commitment to Education

One of Snowball’s notable leadership qualities is his commitment to education. He understands that knowledge is power and believes in empowering the animals through education. Snowball introduces the idea of the reading and writing classes, encouraging all the animals to learn and expand their understanding of the world. By teaching the animals to read, Snowball empowers them to question authority and think critically, ultimately challenging the oppressive regime established by Napoleon.


Charismatic Public Speaker

Snowball possesses exceptional public speaking skills, making him a charismatic leader. His ability to articulate his ideas clearly and passionately captivates the animals’ attention and earns their trust. Snowball uses his oratory skills to unite the animals and inspire them to work towards a common goal – the betterment of their lives and the establishment of an equal society.

Democratic Decision-Making

As a leader, Snowball values democracy and the voice of every animal on the farm. He believes in collective decision-making, where all animals have the opportunity to express their opinions and contribute to the welfare of the community. Snowball ensures that decisions are made through fair and open discussions, allowing the animals to participate actively in shaping their own destiny.


A Vision for the Future

Snowball’s leadership is driven by his vision for a better future. He envisions a society where all animals are equal, free from the oppressive rule of humans. Snowball’s dedication to achieving this vision motivates him to work tirelessly and overcome challenges. His unwavering belief in a brighter future inspires the animals to persevere and never lose hope.

Bravery and Heroism

Snowball demonstrates bravery and heroism throughout the novel. During the Battle of the Cowshed, Snowball leads the defense against Mr. Jones and his men, displaying courage and determination. Despite being outnumbered, Snowball fearlessly fights for the freedom and safety of his fellow animals. His heroism serves as an example for others, inspiring them to stand up against injustice.


Resilient in the Face of Opposition

Despite facing opposition from Napoleon and his followers, Snowball remains resilient and unwavering in his beliefs. He refuses to compromise on his principles and continues to challenge the unjust regime. Snowball’s resilience inspires others to resist tyranny and fight for their rights, even in the face of adversity.

Belief in Collaboration and Cooperation

Snowball firmly believes in the power of collaboration and cooperation. He understands that unity among the animals is essential to overthrow the oppressive rule and create a fair society. Snowball actively encourages teamwork and ensures that everyone has a voice in decision-making processes. By fostering a sense of collective responsibility, he promotes harmony and progress within the animal community.



In conclusion, Snowball’s leadership qualities make him a good leader in Animal Farm. From his intelligence and strategic thinking to his passion for equality and education, Snowball exemplifies the traits of an effective and inspiring leader. Despite his eventual exile from the farm, Snowball’s legacy lives on, reminding the animals of the possibility of a better future and the importance of standing up for their rights and freedoms.

Snowball, the intelligent and charismatic pig, emerges as a remarkable leader in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. His leadership is characterized by his unwavering commitment to creating a society where all animals are treated equally and fairly, making him a champion for equality. Snowball consistently fights for their rights and ensures that every decision made benefits the entire animal population.

One of Snowball’s most inspiring qualities is his visionary outlook for the future of Animal Farm. He introduces the concept of building a windmill, which symbolizes progress, efficiency, and self-sufficiency. Despite facing criticism and skepticism from others, Snowball remains steadfast in his belief that this initiative will improve the lives of all animals on the farm.

Snowball’s leadership style is marked by his exceptional planning and organization skills, making him a strategic planner. He creates detailed blueprints for the windmill construction and devises strategies to defend the farm against potential attacks. His ability to think ahead and plan accordingly proves invaluable to the well-being and security of the animals.

Not only is Snowball a strategic planner, but he is also an engaging orator. His persuasive communication skills make him a master at delivering powerful speeches that rally the animals, uniting them under a common cause. Through his eloquence, he is able to transcend barriers and inspire animals from all backgrounds to work together towards their shared goals.

As a collaborative decision-maker, Snowball places great emphasis on collective decision-making and values the input of every individual on the farm. He encourages open discussions and debates, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. This inclusive approach fosters a sense of empowerment and ownership among the animals, strengthening their unity.

Snowball also recognizes the importance of education in empowering the animals. He establishes committees to educate them about Animalism and various practical skills. By sharing knowledge and fostering a culture of learning, Snowball equips the animals with the tools necessary for their future success.

Throughout the novel, Snowball demonstrates immense bravery and resilience, making him a brave and resilient leader. Despite facing opposition and even threats to his safety, he continues to fight for what he believes is right, never backing down or compromising his principles. This unwavering courage inspires others to do the same, solidifying his role as a natural leader.

Snowball’s leadership is characterized by his fair and just nature. He enforces a strict system of principles and ensures that every animal is treated equally, regardless of their size or strength. His commitment to fairness instills trust and respect among the animals, fostering a harmonious and cooperative environment.

Moreover, Snowball excels at fostering unity and collaboration among the animals. He has a unique ability to bridge differences and unite individuals under a common cause, making him a bridge builder. By encouraging teamwork and emphasizing the common good, Snowball promotes solidarity within the animal community and strengthens their collective power.

Ultimately, Snowball’s greatest strength lies in his unwavering belief in a better future. He envisions a society where all animals are free from oppression and tyranny, and this vision drives his leadership. Snowball’s leadership inspires hope and motivates the animals to work towards achieving their collective dreams, creating a sense of purpose and direction within the farm.

In conclusion, Snowball’s leadership on Animal Farm is characterized by his championing of equality, inspiring vision, strategic planning, persuasive oratory skills, collaborative decision-making, commitment to education, bravery and resilience, fairness, bridge-building abilities, and belief in a better future. His unwavering dedication and remarkable qualities make him a truly exceptional leader, guiding the animals towards a brighter and more just future.

Snowball is a remarkable leader in George Orwell’s masterpiece, Animal Farm. His intelligence, charisma, and strategic thinking make him an influential figure on the farm. Let’s delve into why Snowball is an exceptional leader from a creative point of view:

  1. 1. Visionary Leadership:

    Snowball possesses an extraordinary ability to envision a better future for all the animals on the farm. He passionately advocates for animal rights and aims to create a society where everyone is equal and free. His enthusiasm for creating a fair and just system motivates other animals to believe in his vision.

  2. 2. Strategic Planning:

    One of Snowball’s greatest strengths is his talent for strategic planning. He carefully analyzes situations and devises well-thought-out plans to ensure the success of the animal revolution. His Battle of the Cowshed plan, for instance, demonstrates his tactical brilliance and ability to coordinate the animals effectively.

  3. 3. Eloquence and Persuasion:

    Snowball’s eloquence and persuasive nature enable him to gain the support of the other animals. He is an exceptional speaker who can captivate his audience with his powerful speeches. Snowball’s ability to reason and explain complex ideas in simple terms helps the animals understand their rights and the importance of unity.

  4. 4. Collaborative Decision-Making:

    Snowball values the input of every animal on the farm and encourages collaborative decision-making. He believes that collective wisdom leads to better outcomes. By involving others in the decision-making process, Snowball ensures that everyone’s voice is heard and that the animals feel a sense of ownership in the revolution.

  5. 5. Commitment to Education:

    Snowball recognizes the significance of education in empowering the animals. He devotes himself to teaching them to read and write, allowing them to gain knowledge and critical thinking skills. By educating the animals, Snowball ensures they can make informed decisions and resist any attempts at manipulation or corruption.

Overall, Snowball’s leadership qualities, including his visionary mindset, strategic planning abilities, persuasive nature, commitment to collaboration, and dedication to education, make him an exceptional leader in Animal Farm. His unwavering belief in equality and justice inspires others to follow him and strive for a better future, making him an influential figure on the farm.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the captivating world of Animal Farm. As we bid you farewell, we want to leave you with a final thought: Snowball, the enigmatic pig, stands out as a remarkable and inspiring leader in George Orwell’s allegorical masterpiece. Through his intelligence, eloquence, and visionary ideas, Snowball proves himself to be a beacon of hope and progress for the animals on the farm.

First and foremost, Snowball’s exceptional intelligence sets him apart from the other animals. From the moment he takes center stage, he exhibits an unparalleled ability to grasp complex concepts and articulate them in a way that resonates with his fellow comrades. Whether it is explaining the principles of Animalism or devising elaborate plans for the betterment of the farm, Snowball’s intellect shines through. His brilliant mind allows him to understand the nuances of power dynamics and strategize accordingly, ensuring the animals’ collective interests are protected. With Snowball at the helm, the animals can rest assured that their leader possesses the mental acuity needed to guide them towards a brighter future.

In addition to his intelligence, Snowball’s eloquence is another significant aspect of his leadership style. His speeches are powerful, persuasive, and above all, impassioned. He has a natural talent for swaying the hearts and minds of his listeners, utilizing rhetoric to inspire them to action. Snowball’s ability to communicate effectively enables him to unite the animals and instill within them a sense of purpose and solidarity. His eloquence becomes a rallying cry, encouraging the animals to stand up against oppression and fight for their rights. In a world where words hold immense power, Snowball’s silver tongue becomes a catalyst for change.

Finally, what truly sets Snowball apart as a leader is his visionary ideas. While most of the animals are content to live day by day, Snowball dreams of a future where all animals are equal and free from human tyranny. He envisions a society where hard work is rewarded, education is accessible to all, and the animals have control over their own destiny. Snowball’s progressive ideas push the boundaries of what the animals thought possible, igniting a spark of hope within their hearts. His unwavering belief in a better future inspires the animals to strive for greatness and fuels their determination to create a fairer society.

As we conclude our exploration of Animal Farm, we cannot help but be captivated by Snowball’s leadership qualities. His intelligence, eloquence, and visionary ideas make him a force to be reckoned with. Through him, Orwell highlights the potential for transformational leadership and the power of ideas to shape a better world. Snowball’s legacy serves as a reminder that true leaders are not bound by their physical attributes but rather by their ability to inspire, unite, and pave the way for a brighter future. May his story continue to resonate with us all and inspire us to challenge the status quo in pursuit of a more just and equitable society.

Thank you once again for joining us on this thought-provoking journey. We hope you leave with a renewed appreciation for the characters and themes within Animal Farm and a deeper understanding of the complexities of leadership in the face of oppression.


People also ask about why Snowball is a good leader in Animal Farm:

  1. Why is Snowball considered a strong leader?

  2. Snowball is considered a strong leader due to his intelligence, strategic thinking, and ability to inspire others. He demonstrates these qualities by organizing the defense of the farm during the Battle of the Cowshed and by coming up with the idea of the windmill, which symbolizes progress and self-sufficiency.

  3. What leadership skills does Snowball possess?

  4. Snowball possesses various leadership skills, such as effective communication, cooperation, and the ability to delegate tasks. He engages in lively debates, actively involves other animals in decision-making processes, and encourages their participation in the running of the farm. These skills help maintain unity among the animals and promote a sense of ownership and empowerment.

  5. How does Snowball inspire others?

  6. Snowball inspires others through his passion for the principles of Animalism and his dedication to creating a fair and equal society. His eloquence and persuasive speaking abilities evoke enthusiasm and commitment from the other animals. Moreover, he leads by example, working diligently and selflessly for the betterment of all, which motivates others to follow suit.

  7. Does Snowball prioritize the well-being of all animals?

  8. Yes, Snowball prioritizes the well-being of all animals on the farm. He believes in the collective welfare and strives to improve the living conditions of each animal. He emphasizes the importance of education, equality, and fairness, and aims to create a society where every individual has equal opportunities and rights.

  9. How does Snowball handle conflicts?

  10. Snowball handles conflicts through peaceful negotiations and diplomatic means. He values dialogue and compromise, seeking resolutions that benefit all parties involved. His approach helps maintain harmony within the animal community and prevents unnecessary divisions or animosity.

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