When Does Snowball Get Expelled? Unraveling the Chapter of Snowball’s Ouster in Animal Farm

What Chapter Is Snowball Chased Away In Animal Farm

The chapter in Animal Farm where Snowball is chased away is a pivotal moment that sets the stage for power struggles and further corruption.

Once upon a time in the idyllic and seemingly harmonious Animal Farm, a sinister turn of events occurred. It was in a chapter where chaos and betrayal took center stage, leaving the readers on the edge of their seats. In this pivotal moment, Snowball, the charismatic and intelligent pig, found himself at the receiving end of a vengeful chase. The chapter, filled with suspense and treachery, marked a dramatic shift in the dynamic of the farm, leaving its inhabitants wondering what would become of their once beloved leader. As the winds of change blew fiercely, the fate of Animal Farm hung precariously in the balance.


Animal Farm is a classic allegorical novel written by George Orwell that explores the rise and fall of a communist society led by farm animals. In this gripping tale, Snowball, one of the main characters, plays a crucial role in the early stages of the revolution. However, as the plot unfolds, his fate takes a dramatic turn, and it is in Chapter 7 where Snowball is ultimately chased away. This pivotal moment in the story marks a significant shift in power dynamics and sets the stage for the rise of Napoleon, the antagonist of the novel.

The Battle for Power


In Chapter 7 of Animal Farm, the battle for power reaches its peak. Snowball, a charismatic and intelligent pig, is pitted against Napoleon, another pig who harbors ambitions of becoming the sole leader of the farm. The tension between the two characters has been steadily growing, with each presenting their own vision for the future of Animal Farm.

The Windmill Debate


One of the main sources of conflict between Snowball and Napoleon is the construction of a windmill. Snowball passionately advocates for its implementation, believing it will improve the lives of all the animals on the farm. Meanwhile, Napoleon fiercely opposes this idea, viewing it as a threat to his authority and an unnecessary expense.

The Showdown


As tensions escalate, Snowball and Napoleon find themselves at odds during a crucial meeting. Both pigs present their arguments to the rest of the animals, hoping to garner support for their respective plans. The debate intensifies, leading to a climactic moment where Snowball and Napoleon engage in a fierce physical confrontation.

The Chased Away


Despite Snowball’s powerful rhetoric and logical arguments, Napoleon ultimately gains the upper hand. With a vicious snarl, Napoleon orders his loyal dogs, which he had secretly trained, to chase Snowball away from the farm. This shocking turn of events leaves the other animals in a state of shock and disbelief, as they witness one of their most promising leaders expelled from the very revolution he helped initiate.

The Aftermath


The expulsion of Snowball marks a turning point in the story, as Napoleon consolidates his power and begins to implement his own agenda. The other animals are left feeling uneasy and unsure about the future of the farm. Without Snowball’s guidance, they become more susceptible to Napoleon’s manipulation and propaganda.

Propaganda Takes Hold


Napoleon wastes no time in spreading propaganda to solidify his control over the farm. He vilifies Snowball, painting him as a traitor and a threat to their newfound order. With each passing day, the animals’ memory of Snowball’s contributions fades, replaced by fear and loyalty towards Napoleon.

The Cult of Napoleon


Under Napoleon’s rule, a cult-like atmosphere emerges on the farm. The animals are constantly reminded of the supposed greatness of their leader, and any dissent or questioning of his authority is swiftly punished. Napoleon’s propaganda machine convinces the animals that everything he does is for their own good, further cementing his control.

The Betrayal of the Revolution


The expulsion of Snowball and the subsequent rise of Napoleon represent a tragic betrayal of the initial ideals of the revolution. The animals’ dreams of equality and freedom are shattered as they find themselves living under a regime that mirrors the very tyranny they sought to escape. The chapter in which Snowball is chased away serves as a stark reminder of the corruption and manipulation that can arise when power is concentrated in the hands of a few.

A Warning and a Reflection


Orwell’s portrayal of Snowball’s expulsion serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of authoritarianism and the manipulation of power. It reminds readers of the importance of critical thinking, questioning authority, and defending democratic principles. As the story progresses, readers are urged to reflect on the consequences of allowing leaders to exploit and suppress those they are meant to serve.

In conclusion, Chapter 7 of Animal Farm marks the pivotal moment when Snowball is chased away from the farm. This event triggers a chain reaction that ultimately leads to the consolidation of Napoleon’s power and the betrayal of the revolution’s initial ideals. Orwell’s masterful storytelling and allegorical devices continue to resonate today, reminding us of the fragility of freedom and the need to remain vigilant against the allure of charismatic but corrupt leaders.

The Great Snowball Chase: A Tale of Betrayal and Exile

Once upon a time, in the animal utopia known as Animal Farm, chaos and carnage reigned supreme. Snowball, the farm’s revolutionary hero, had become a symbol of hope and change for his fellow comrades. However, little did he know that his days of glory were numbered. In Chapter 5 of George Orwell’s iconic novel, Animal Farm, Snowball is chased away, marking a turning point in the farm’s history.

Snowball’s Last Stand: The Farm’s Revolutionary Hero Turns Fugitive

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a frosty glow over the farm, Snowball prepared himself for what would be his last stand against Napoleon, the power-hungry pig who sought to destroy everything Snowball had fought for. The stage was set for an epic showdown, one that would determine the fate of Animal Farm.

Chaos and Carnage in Animal Farm: Snowball Escapes the Wrath of Napoleon

The wind howled through the barren fields, carrying whispers of fear and anticipation. As the animals gathered around, tensions ran high. Snowball’s eloquence and strategic brilliance had won him the hearts of many, but Napoleon’s cunning manipulation had swayed the minds of the weak. The farm turned into a battlefield, with animals taking sides and lines being drawn in the snow.

A Winter’s Tale: Snowball Faces the Ultimate Showdown with Napoleon

With hearts pounding and adrenaline coursing through their veins, Snowball and Napoleon faced each other on the frozen ground. The bitter cold mirrored the animosity between the two pigs, as they exchanged words sharper than icicles. The animals watched in awe and fear, knowing that this confrontation would decide their fate.

Frosty Trails: Snowball’s Hunt for Safety Begins

Realizing that his cause was lost, Snowball made a split-second decision. He turned and bolted towards the edges of the farm, his hooves leaving frosty trails in the snow. Behind him, he could hear the angry cries of Napoleon’s loyal followers, their pursuit growing closer with every passing second.

A Snowy Escape: Snowball’s Desperate Flight from the Farm

Snowball’s breath came out in huffs of mist as he ran faster than he ever had before. His heart pounded in his chest, matching the rhythm of his hoofbeats. The treacherous terrain did little to deter him, as he leaped over fallen branches and dodged icy patches. Every muscle in his body screamed for him to stop, but he knew that his survival depended on his escape.

Whisked Away: Snowball’s Disappearance Shocks and Saddens the Animal Community

The animals watched in disbelief as Snowball disappeared into the night, his figure blending seamlessly with the falling snowflakes. Shock and sadness filled their hearts, for they had lost their guiding star. Snowball had been their hope, their inspiration, and now he was gone. The farm felt emptier without him.

The Vanishing Act: How Snowball Evaded Napoleon’s Clutches

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, rumors circulated among the animals about Snowball’s fate. Some believed that he had perished in the harsh winter, while others whispered of secret alliances and underground networks protecting him. How had Snowball managed to evade Napoleon’s clutches? It remained a mystery, one that only time would reveal.

The Snowball Conspiracy: Who Conspired to Drive Snowball Away?

Speculations ran rife about who had conspired to drive Snowball away. Some pointed accusing hooves at Squealer, Napoleon’s propaganda machine, claiming that he had spread lies and distorted truths to turn the animals against Snowball. Others suspected that Napoleon himself had orchestrated Snowball’s downfall, driven by envy and a thirst for power. The truth remained buried beneath layers of deceit and fear.

Blizzards of Betrayal: Snowball’s Exile Marks a Turning Point in Animal Farm’s History

As the farm continued under Napoleon’s iron hoof, Snowball’s exile marked a turning point in Animal Farm’s history. The ideals of equality and justice that Snowball had fought for were slowly eroded, replaced by corruption and oppression. The farm’s future seemed bleak, but the memory of Snowball’s bravery and determination flickered in the hearts of a few, serving as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, hope can still thrive.

Once upon a time, on the renowned Manor Farm, an uprising took place. The animals, led by the pigs, overthrew their oppressive human masters and established a new order, where all animals were equal. This revolution was known as Animalism, and it promised a life of freedom and prosperity for all.

In the early days of this newfound freedom, two pigs emerged as leaders: Snowball and Napoleon. Snowball, a brilliant and eloquent pig, possessed remarkable ideas on how to improve their society. His vision was to educate the animals, build windmills, and create a self-sustainable farm. On the other hand, Napoleon, a large and fierce pig, had a different perspective. He believed in focusing on military tactics, expanding their territory, and consolidating power.

As time went on, tensions began to rise between Snowball and Napoleon. Their opposing views clashed, creating a division amongst the animals. Snowball’s intelligence and charisma made him popular among many, while Napoleon’s strength and cunning appealed to others.

Chapter 5, titled The Chase, marks the turning point in the story when Snowball is chased away from the farm. It begins with Snowball passionately advocating for the construction of a windmill that would bring great benefits to the animals. He passionately presents his plans, using logic and persuasive arguments.

  1. As Snowball finishes his speech, Napoleon interrupts, unleashing a barrage of objections and criticisms. He accuses Snowball of being a traitor, claiming that the windmill idea was stolen from the humans.
  2. The animals find themselves torn between the two leaders, unsure whom to believe. Snowball tries to defend himself, but Napoleon’s forceful personality dominates the scene.
  3. Napoleon then signals his loyal guard dogs, who had been secretly trained, to attack Snowball. Chaos ensues as the dogs chase Snowball off the farm, leaving him no choice but to flee for his life.
  4. The animals, shocked and bewildered, witness this brutal display of power. They are left feeling confused and afraid, as Napoleon seizes control and declares himself the sole leader of Animal Farm.

This dramatic chapter showcases the shift in power dynamics within Animal Farm. Snowball’s expulsion represents the triumph of brute force over intellectual prowess. It highlights the dangers of blind loyalty and manipulation, as Napoleon uses fear and violence to suppress dissent.

The point of view in this chapter is one of despair and betrayal. The animals had initially believed in the principles of Animalism, hoping for a fair and just society. However, with Snowball’s banishment, they realize that their dreams have been shattered. They begin to question their leaders, wondering if they have traded one form of oppression for another.

As the story progresses, the animals’ hope fades, and they come to understand that the revolution has been corrupted by those in power. The chase scene serves as a stark reminder that even in a seemingly utopian society, power struggles and manipulation can tear it apart.

Thank you for joining us today on our journey through George Orwell’s classic novel, Animal Farm. As we delve deeper into the intriguing world of the farm animals’ revolution, one chapter in particular stands out as a pivotal turning point in the story. In this closing message, we will explore the chapter where Snowball, the dynamic and visionary pig, is chased away from Animal Farm. This momentous event not only alters the course of the farm’s future but also reveals the true nature of power and manipulation.

As we enter Chapter 5 of Animal Farm, tensions are rising among the animals. Snowball and Napoleon, the two prominent pigs who initially worked together to overthrow the oppressive human regime, are beginning to clash. The chapter commences with a heated debate during the Sunday meetings, where the animals discuss the construction of a windmill to improve their lives. Snowball passionately argues in favor of the project, highlighting the benefits it would bring to the farm, such as electricity and reduced labor. However, Napoleon, always the more cunning and power-hungry of the two, opposes the idea and sows seeds of doubt among the other animals.

The turning point of the chapter occurs when Snowball symbolically draws plans for the windmill on the barn wall, using his eloquence to convince the animals of its potential. It is at this very moment that Napoleon, driven by jealousy and thirst for control, unleashes his sinister plan. With a terrifying growl, he calls upon his personal guard of fierce dogs, which he had secretly trained since they were puppies. The dogs, now fully grown and obedient only to Napoleon, ruthlessly chase Snowball off the farm.

This shocking event leaves the animals in a state of shock and confusion. Snowball, the pig who had once stood beside them as a beacon of hope and progress, has been driven away by the very comrade he fought alongside. This chapter serves as a stark reminder of the corrupting nature of power and the lengths individuals will go to maintain control. It is in this moment that we witness Napoleon’s true character, which foreshadows the tyranny and oppression that will soon engulf Animal Farm.

As we conclude our exploration of this significant chapter, we are left with a multitude of questions. What will become of Snowball? How will the animals react to his sudden absence? And most importantly, what does this event signify for the future of Animal Farm? We invite you to continue reading and uncover the answers to these questions as we venture further into Orwell’s gripping tale of revolution, betrayal, and the pursuit of utopia gone wrong.

Thank you once again for joining us on this literary adventure. We hope this glimpse into the chapter where Snowball is chased away from Animal Farm has piqued your interest and left you eager for more. Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we will continue to unravel the mysteries and complexities of this timeless masterpiece.


People also ask questions about what chapter Snowball is chased away in Animal Farm. Here are some answers to satisfy your curiosity:

  1. Chapter 5: The expulsion of Snowball

    In this pivotal chapter, Snowball, the charismatic and intelligent pig, is chased away from the farm by Napoleon and his loyal followers. The power struggle between Snowball and Napoleon reaches its climax as they both present their plans for the future of Animal Farm. With his persuasive speeches and innovative ideas, Snowball poses a threat to Napoleon’s authority. In a dramatic turn of events, Napoleon unleashes his trained dogs, who ruthlessly chase Snowball away, effectively eliminating any opposition to his rule.

  2. Chapter 7: Snowball’s disappearance

    After several chapters of Snowball’s absence, Chapter 7 sheds some light on what happened to him. It is revealed that Snowball had been collaborating with Mr. Jones, the former human owner of the farm, all along. The animals learn that Snowball had been sneaking onto the farm at night, causing mischief and spreading lies about Napoleon’s leadership. This revelation further solidifies Napoleon’s power and justifies his actions in chasing Snowball away.

  3. Chapter 10: Remembering Snowball

    While Snowball’s expulsion occurs earlier in the story, Chapter 10 explores the lingering impact of his departure. The animals reminisce about Snowball’s intelligence and his commitment to the principles of Animalism. Some animals even question Napoleon’s leadership and wonder if things would have been different if Snowball had remained. However, these conversations are quickly silenced by the fear instilled by Napoleon’s regime, emphasizing the control he maintains over the farm.

These chapters provide insight into Snowball’s fate and the consequences of his expulsion from Animal Farm. They showcase the themes of power, manipulation, and the erasure of dissenting voices that are prevalent throughout George Orwell’s allegorical tale.

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