When Does Snowball Construct the Windmill? Exploring the Relevant Chapter in Animal Farm

What Chapter In Animal Farm Does Snowball Create The Windmill

Snowball’s role in creating the windmill is depicted in Chapter 5 of Animal Farm, showcasing his intelligence and dedication to progress.

Chapter 5 of George Orwell’s iconic novel, Animal Farm, unfolds with a remarkable turn of events that leaves readers captivated and eager to uncover the next stage in the animals’ struggle for freedom. In this pivotal chapter, Snowball, the clever and visionary pig, takes center stage as he unveils an audacious plan that promises to transform the struggling farm into a self-sufficient utopia. With unwavering determination and an unwavering belief in the power of innovation, Snowball’s creation of the windmill not only challenges the status quo but also ignites a spark of hope among his fellow comrades. As the winds of change begin to blow across the pages, readers are left wondering: will Snowball’s ambitious endeavor be the key to their emancipation or merely another illusion in their quest for a better life?


In the iconic novel Animal Farm written by George Orwell, one of the pivotal moments occurs when Snowball, a clever and passionate pig, introduces the idea of building a windmill on the farm. This chapter showcases Snowball’s intelligence, vision, and determination to improve the lives of all the animals. Let’s delve into the specific chapter where Snowball brings forward the concept of the windmill.

The Chapter Begins: A New Vision

In this chapter, Snowball emerges as a visionary leader, keen on transforming the farm into a prosperous and self-sufficient place for all the animals. He believes that building a windmill will bring significant benefits, such as generating electricity to lighten their workload, provide warmth during winter, and even create extra food by powering machinery for crop cultivation.

Snowball’s Persuasive Speech

Snowball gathers all the animals in the barn and delivers a powerful speech to convince them of the windmill’s importance. With passion in his voice and a glimmer of hope in his eyes, he explains how the windmill will alleviate their hardships and usher in a new era of comfort and progress.

The Opposition: Napoleon’s Resistance

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about Snowball’s idea. Napoleon, another pig who later becomes the farm’s dictator, strongly opposes the windmill project. He believes that it will distract the animals from their primary goal of producing food and claims that it is merely a useless invention created by Snowball to seize power.

A Fierce Debate Ensues

As Snowball and Napoleon engage in a heated debate, the other animals find themselves torn between the two leaders. Some are swayed by Snowball’s persuasive arguments, while others are fearful of Napoleon’s authority. This intense clash of ideologies sets the stage for a crucial turning point in the story.

The Vote: Snowball’s Victory

Despite Napoleon’s opposition, Snowball manages to sway the majority of the animals to support his windmill project through a democratic vote. The animals’ decision reflects their desire for change and improvement, as well as their trust in Snowball’s ability to lead them towards a better future.

The Blueprint: Snowball’s Ingenious Design

After gaining approval, Snowball meticulously drafts the blueprint for the windmill, showcasing his exceptional intelligence and practical skills. Every detail is carefully considered, from the size and structure to the materials required. Snowball involves the other animals in the planning process, making them feel like active participants in the project.

Construction Begins: Unity and Hard Work

With the blueprint in hand, Snowball rallies the animals, and construction of the windmill commences. The animals work tirelessly, demonstrating unity and determination to bring Snowball’s vision to life. Despite the challenges they face, such as lack of machinery and adverse weather conditions, their unwavering spirit keeps them going.

Snowball’s Leadership Shines

During the construction phase, Snowball’s leadership qualities become even more apparent. He organizes the animals efficiently, assigns tasks according to their abilities, and encourages teamwork. His dedication and hands-on approach inspire the animals, fostering a sense of camaraderie and motivation within the workforce.

Disruption: Napoleon’s Intrigue

Unfortunately, Napoleon begins to plot against Snowball, using deceit and manipulation to undermine his position. At a critical moment, when Snowball is delivering a speech about the progress of the windmill, Napoleon unleashes his vicious dogs, forcing Snowball into exile and taking control of the farm.

The Aftermath: Snowball’s Windmill Lives On

Although Snowball is expelled from the farm, his legacy lives on through the windmill. Despite Napoleon’s attempts to discredit Snowball’s ideas, the windmill becomes a symbol of hope for the animals. It stands as a testament to Snowball’s vision and the potential for progress, even in the face of adversity.


In conclusion, the chapter where Snowball introduces the idea of building a windmill in Animal Farm showcases his visionary leadership and unwavering determination to better the lives of all the animals. Snowball’s persuasive speech, democratic victory, ingenious design, and unity during construction highlight his exceptional qualities. Although he faces opposition and betrayal, his legacy lives on through the windmill, symbolizing the power of ideas and the potential for progress, even in the darkest of times.

Step into the future with Snowball as he unveils his genius plan: prepare yourself for a breezy surprise! In a twist that shakes things up on Animal Farm, Snowball reveals his whirlwind revelation – the windmill blueprint exposed! This unexpected turn of events marks Snowball’s rise from farm rebel to windmill architect, revolutionizing animal life on the farm. Harnessing nature’s power, Snowball emerges as the windmill maestro, unleashing the potential of wind on Animal Farm like never before. The windmill chronicles unfold, and Snowball’s engineering marvel is unveiled, showcasing his ingenious invention that will change everything. Snowball’s windmill dream becomes a reality, giving power to the animals and forever altering the course of their lives.It all begins when Snowball, armed with determination and a vision for progress, presents his plans for the windmill to the other animals. With the farm in dire need of modernization, Snowball’s ingenious idea captures their attention and ignites their hope for a better future. The windmill stands as a symbol of progress and self-sufficiency, a testament to the animals’ ability to shape their own destiny.As Snowball takes center stage, he meticulously lays out the details of his plan, explaining how the windmill will harness the power of nature to provide electricity and ease their workload. The animals listen intently, captivated by Snowball’s unwavering passion and unwavering belief in their collective potential. With each word he speaks, Snowball’s charisma and leadership qualities shine through, earning him the trust and admiration of his fellow animals.With the blueprint exposed, Snowball leads the animals through the construction process, ensuring every step is executed flawlessly. From gathering materials to assembly, Snowball’s expertise in engineering becomes evident as he guides the animals with patience and precision. His unwavering determination inspires the animals, fueling their own dedication to the project.The windmill itself is a marvel of innovation, designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Snowball’s attention to detail shines through in every aspect, from the reinforced structure to the strategically placed blades that catch the wind’s power. The animals marvel at Snowball’s ingenuity, realizing the true extent of his brilliance.As the windmill takes shape, so does Snowball’s reputation as a visionary and a leader. The animals witness firsthand the transformational power of his ideas, as the windmill begins to revolutionize life on the farm. With electricity now within their reach, the animals can lighten their workload and improve their living conditions. Snowball’s dream of a self-sufficient and prosperous Animal Farm becomes a reality.Not everyone, however, embraces Snowball’s windmill idea. His revolutionary vision threatens the status quo and challenges the authority of those in power. His detractors, led by Napoleon, launch a campaign to discredit Snowball and undermine his influence. Despite their efforts, Snowball remains steadfast, undeterred by their attempts to derail his progress.Snowball’s rise as the windmill architect represents a turning point in Animal Farm’s history. His unwavering commitment to progress and equality resonates with the animals, inspiring them to take charge of their own destiny. Snowball becomes a symbol of hope, a beacon of change in a world dominated by oppression and inequality.In the end, Snowball’s windmill dream becomes a reality, forever changing the course of Animal Farm. The power once held exclusively by the pigs is now shared among all the animals, empowering them to shape their own future. Snowball’s legacy as the windmill maestro lives on, reminding the animals of their ability to overcome adversity and create a better world.So, prepare yourself for a breezy surprise as Snowball unveils his genius plan. Witness Snowball’s whirlwind revelation as the windmill blueprint is exposed. Experience the twist in Animal Farm as Snowball and the revolutionary windmill take center stage. Step into the future with Snowball and embrace the power of his windmill dream. Snowball’s rise from farm rebel to windmill architect will forever be remembered as a pivotal moment in Animal Farm’s history. The animals now have the power, and Snowball’s vision has become their reality.

Chapter 5: Snowball’s Ingenious Windmill Plan

  1. In Chapter 5 of Animal Farm, Snowball, the intelligent and visionary pig, presents his ambitious plan to create a windmill on the farm.
  2. The chapter starts with a lively meeting of all the animals, where Snowball takes the center stage. He stands tall on a wooden platform, addressing the crowd with his eloquent speech.
  3. As the narrator of the story, I couldn’t help but notice the excitement in Snowball’s voice and the passion in his eyes as he explained the potential benefits of the windmill.
  4. Snowball believed that the windmill could revolutionize life on the farm, making it more efficient and providing the animals with a comfortable and prosperous future.
  5. With each word, Snowball’s persuasive voice reverberated through the barn, capturing the attention and imagination of every animal present.
  6. The windmill, Snowball explained, would generate electricity, allowing them to light up the farm at night and operate machinery to make their work easier.
  7. He also emphasized how the windmill could eventually lead to surplus production, enabling the animals to trade with neighboring farms and improve their overall living conditions.
  8. While some animals were skeptical about Snowball’s grand plan, many were captivated by his compelling arguments and saw it as a chance for a better future.
  9. However, Snowball faced opposition from Napoleon, the power-hungry and cunning pig who saw him as a rival.
  10. Napoleon, with his sly demeanor, tried to undermine Snowball’s efforts by questioning the feasibility of the windmill and spreading rumors among the animals.
  11. Despite the obstacles, Snowball remained undeterred and continued to work tirelessly on his windmill design, drawing intricate blueprints and seeking support from the other animals.
  12. As the chapter came to a close, I couldn’t help but admire Snowball’s determination and innovative spirit. He truly believed in the windmill’s potential to transform their lives.
  13. Little did anyone know that this windmill would become the center of a power struggle between Snowball and Napoleon, leading to a dramatic turn of events in future chapters.

Chapter 5 of Animal Farm showcases Snowball’s creativity, intellect, and unwavering commitment to improving the lives of all the animals. Through a creative voice and tone, this story highlights Snowball’s captivating speech, his ambitious windmill plan, and the challenges he faces from Napoleon’s opposition.

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Thank you for joining us once again on this journey through the captivating world of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Today, we delve into one of the most pivotal chapters in the book, where Snowball, the charismatic and visionary pig, takes center stage in the creation of the windmill that would forever change the fate of the animals on the farm.

In Chapter 5 of Animal Farm, Snowball unveils his grand plan to construct a windmill on the farm. This chapter marks a significant turning point in the story, as it highlights the stark contrast between Snowball’s progressive ideas and Napoleon’s more conservative approach to leadership. To fully understand the significance of Snowball’s endeavor, let us explore the events leading up to this momentous decision.

Throughout the earlier chapters, Snowball emerges as an intellectual and persuasive pig who believes in the power of education and technological advancements. His character represents the idealistic visionaries who seek to empower the working class and create a more egalitarian society. With the help of the other animals, Snowball even manages to successfully defend the farm against a human attack in the Battle of the Cowshed.

As the farm begins to stabilize under the leadership of Snowball and Napoleon, the pigs recognize the need for improvements that could increase productivity and improve the animals’ quality of life. It is at this crucial juncture that Snowball introduces the idea of constructing a windmill. He passionately argues that harnessing the power of the wind can provide electricity and automate various labor-intensive tasks, ultimately benefiting all the animals on the farm.

However, not everyone is convinced by Snowball’s visionary plans. Napoleon, driven by his desire for power and control, opposes the windmill project from the start. He sees Snowball’s ambition as a threat to his authority and manipulates the other animals’ fears and doubts to turn them against their comrade. This sets the stage for a bitter power struggle between Snowball and Napoleon, ultimately leading to Snowball’s expulsion from the farm.

In conclusion, Chapter 5 of Animal Farm showcases Snowball’s unwavering determination to improve the lives of his fellow animals through the creation of a windmill. It highlights the stark contrast in leadership styles between Snowball and Napoleon, demonstrating the fundamental differences in their visions for the future of the farm. As we continue our journey through Animal Farm, let us reflect on the significance of this chapter and the timeless themes it explores – power, manipulation, and the struggle for a better world.

Thank you for joining us today, and we hope you found this exploration of Chapter 5 enlightening. Stay tuned for more captivating insights into the world of Animal Farm!


People also ask:

1. What chapter in Animal Farm does Snowball create the windmill?

2. How does Snowball’s involvement in the windmill project impact the story?


  1. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Snowball creates the windmill in Chapter 5 of the novel.

  2. Snowball’s involvement in the windmill project has a significant impact on the story. By introducing the idea of constructing a windmill, Snowball aims to improve the lives of the animals by providing them with electricity and making their labor easier. This plan represents Snowball’s vision for progress and self-sufficiency on the farm.

  3. However, Snowball’s creation of the windmill becomes a point of contention between him and Napoleon, the other prominent pig on the farm. Napoleon opposes the plan and eventually drives Snowball out of the farm, seizing control for himself. This conflict over the windmill symbolizes the power struggle between Snowball’s revolutionary ideals and Napoleon’s authoritarian rule.

  4. Overall, Snowball’s creation of the windmill highlights his innovative thinking and desire for a better future for all the animals. It also serves as a catalyst for the conflicts that arise throughout the rest of the story.

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