Uncovering the Deteriorating State of Life on Animal Farm: A Critical Analysis of Chapter 1

How Has Life On Animal Farm Worsened Chapter 1

George Orwell’s Animal Farm sees the worsening of life on the farm in Chapter 1. The animals are oppressed, and their leaders become corrupt.

Life on Animal Farm has taken a turn for the worse in Chapter 1, and it’s evident from the very beginning. As the sun rises over the farmyard, the animals gather for a meeting with Old Major, a wise and respected boar. However, the tone quickly shifts from hopeful to ominous as Old Major warns of the dangers of human oppression. His words are powerful and inspiring, but the reality of their situation sets in when he passes away shortly after the meeting. The pigs, who were supposed to be the leaders of the revolution, immediately take control and begin to exert their authority over the other animals. It becomes increasingly clear that life on Animal Farm is not going to be the paradise they had hoped for.


George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a classic novel that portrays the lives of animals on a farm. The book describes their journey from overthrowing their human oppressors to creating their own society. However, as the story progresses, the animals’ lives worsen, and they become oppressed once again. This article delves into chapter 1 of the book and how life on animal farm has worsened.

The Old Major’s Speech


The book starts with a speech from Old Major, the oldest pig on the farm. He talks about the oppression that the animals face under the humans and how they can create a world where all animals are equal. However, this speech only raises the animals’ hopes, and they start dreaming of a better life.

The Rebellion


After Old Major’s death, the animals plan and execute a rebellion against their human oppressors. They succeed in driving them away and rename the farm Animal Farm. The animals believe that they are now free and can live their lives without any human interference.

The Pigs Take Control


At first, all the animals work together to build their new society. However, the pigs, who are the smartest animals on the farm, start taking control. They form a secret police force, and anyone who opposes them is killed or punished severely. The pigs start living in the farmhouse and use the other animals’ hard work to make their lives comfortable.

The Commandments


The animals create a set of commandments that they must follow to ensure that they live in harmony. The commandments state that all animals are equal, and no animal should oppress another. However, the pigs start changing the commandments to suit their needs. They start living a life of luxury while the other animals suffer.

The Working Conditions


The animals are forced to work harder than ever before. The pigs claim that they need more food to sustain themselves, and the other animals must work harder to produce it. The working conditions are terrible, and the animals have to work long hours without any breaks. The pigs use fear and intimidation to ensure that the animals keep working.

The Slaughter of Boxer


Boxer, the strongest and hardest working horse on the farm, is sold to a glue factory when he falls ill. The pigs claim that they are sending him to a hospital, but the other animals find out the truth later. The pigs sell Boxer for money and use it to buy more luxuries for themselves.

The Return of Humans


After years of living in isolation, the pigs start trading with humans again. They start using human tools and machinery to make their lives easier. However, the humans start taking advantage of the animals once again. They start buying the animals’ products for cheap prices, and the pigs allow them to do so.

The Betrayal of the Sheep


The sheep, who are known for their loyalty to the pigs, are betrayed by them. The pigs start selling their wool to humans and use the money to buy more luxuries. The sheep are left shivering in the cold, and the other animals start realizing that the pigs are not as caring as they once thought.

The Loss of Hope


As the story progresses, the animals start losing hope in their new society. They realize that the pigs have become the new oppressors, and they are living in worse conditions than before. The animals start doubting their ability to overthrow the pigs and start accepting their fate.


In conclusion, life on animal farm worsened as the pigs started taking control and using fear and intimidation to rule the other animals. The animals’ hopes were raised after the rebellion, but they were soon crushed as the pigs became the new oppressors. The loss of Boxer and the betrayal of the sheep show how the pigs were willing to sacrifice anyone for their own benefit. The animals’ loss of hope shows how oppressive regimes can crush people’s spirits and make them accept their fate.

Animal farm is no longer the reliable and peaceful place it once was. The pigs, who were initially seen as leaders who had the best interests of the other animals at heart, have become increasingly oppressive. This has led to the deterioration of the quality of life for the other animals. The abuse of power by the pigs, particularly Napoleon, has escalated tensions among the animals, causing a breakdown in unity and trust. Physical and emotional abuse have become the order of the day, leaving many animals battered and bruised.The unfair distribution of resources is another problem that has plagued animal farm. The pigs have been extremely selfish, intentionally hoarding all the resources, including food, for themselves. This has left the other animals suffering and starving. Many promises made by the pigs have been broken, and the animals are tired of being constantly let down. They are no longer willing to buy into the propaganda that the pigs are trying to sell them.Once, the animals had the freedom to express themselves and live in the manner they wished. However, this has all changed with the pigs’ imposition of severe rules and restrictions. Any animal who dares to question the pigs’ authority or speak against them is silenced brutally and swiftly. Fear and terror have become the order of the day in Animal farm.Under the pigs’ rule, many animals have lost their sense of identity. They are now forced to labour relentlessly, becoming nothing more than slaves to the pigs’ demands. The pigs see the other animals as less humans to subjugate and control. Consequently, they have implemented various measures to strip the animals of their humanity, including propaganda and brainwashing.Famine and drought have become regular occurrences in animal farm due to the pigs’ mismanagement of the farm’s resources. This has caused suffering and misery for all the animals. Life on animal farm has become a hellish existence where survival seems to be the only game one can play. Despair and hopelessness have replaced the once vibrant spirit of the farm, and the animals are unsure if they can ever return to the good old days.In conclusion, life on animal farm has worsened significantly since the pigs took over. The rise of oppression, abuse of power, unfair distribution of resources, broken promises, loss of freedom, brutality against dissidents, loss of identity, dehumanization of animals, famine, drought, despair, and hopelessness are just some of the challenges that the animals have to contend with daily. It is unclear if there will ever be a solution to these problems, but one thing is clear: something needs to be done urgently to restore the farm to its former glory.

The animals on Animal Farm used to live a happy life, free from the oppression of humans. However, things have taken a turn for the worse, and life on the farm has become increasingly difficult.

Point of View

The story is told from the perspective of an omniscient narrator, who knows the thoughts and feelings of all the animals on the farm. The narrator paints a vivid picture of the struggles that the animals are facing, and the impact that their suffering is having on their lives.

How Has Life On Animal Farm Worsened Chapter 1

  1. The pigs have taken control of the farm.
  2. The pigs, led by Napoleon, have seized power on the farm. They have set themselves up as the rulers of the other animals, and have established a series of strict rules that must be followed. This has led to a sense of fear and unease among the other animals, who are unsure of what the pigs might do next.

  3. The animals are working harder than ever before.
  4. Under the leadership of the pigs, the animals are working longer hours and doing more work than ever before. They are struggling to keep up with the demands placed on them, and many are becoming exhausted and ill. Despite their hard work, they are not seeing any improvements in their living conditions, and are beginning to lose hope.

  5. Their rations have been reduced.
  6. The animals are no longer receiving the same amount of food that they used to. Their rations have been reduced, and they are often left hungry and weak. This is having a detrimental effect on their health, and many are struggling to perform their duties on the farm.

  7. There is a sense of division among the animals.
  8. The pigs have created a sense of division among the animals, pitting them against each other and encouraging them to spy on one another. This has led to a breakdown in trust and communication, and many of the animals are now isolated and alone.

  9. Their dreams of a better life have been shattered.
  10. The animals had hoped that life on Animal Farm would be better than it was under human rule. However, their dreams have been shattered by the corrupt and oppressive regime of the pigs. They are beginning to lose hope that things will ever improve, and are struggling to find the strength to carry on.

Overall, life on Animal Farm has worsened significantly since the pigs took control. The animals are struggling to cope with the demands placed on them, and are beginning to lose hope that things will ever get better. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the animals on the farm, but for now, things look bleak indeed.

Thank you for taking the time to read about how life on the animal farm has worsened in Chapter 1. It is a heartbreaking truth that the animals who were once free and happy have now been subjected to the cruel and oppressive rule of the pigs. As we have seen in this chapter, the pigs have taken control of the farm and have begun to exploit their fellow animals for their own gain.

The pigs’ greed and thirst for power have led them to establish themselves as the ruling class on the farm. They have imposed strict rules and regulations on the other animals, using fear and intimidation to maintain their control. The pigs’ manipulation of language and propaganda has also played a significant role in the deterioration of life on the farm. By convincing the other animals that they are working for the common good, the pigs have managed to justify their oppressive actions.

As we continue to read about life on the animal farm, we will see how the pigs’ power and control continue to escalate, and how the other animals struggle to maintain their dignity and freedom. It is important to remember that this story is not just a tale of animals on a farm, but a commentary on the dangers of unchecked power and the importance of standing up for what is right. We must continue to fight against oppression and injustice in all its forms, and never forget the lessons that this story teaches us.


People also ask about How Has Life On Animal Farm Worsened Chapter 1:

  1. What changes have occurred on Animal Farm?
  2. Life on Animal Farm has worsened since the animals overthrew their human owner. They now work harder, receive less food, and live in poorer conditions. The pigs, who have taken control of the farm, are living more comfortably and are beginning to act like the humans they once despised.

  3. What is the mood of the animals on Animal Farm?
  4. The mood on Animal Farm is one of disappointment and frustration. The animals had hoped that their lives would improve after the humans were overthrown, but instead, they are working harder than ever before. They feel betrayed by the pigs who promised them a better life, but are now living comfortably while the other animals suffer.

  5. How have the pigs changed since the overthrow of Mr. Jones?
  6. The pigs have changed significantly since the overthrow of Mr. Jones. They have become more authoritarian and are beginning to act like the humans they once despised. They are living more comfortably than the other animals and are making decisions without consulting the rest of the animals. Their behavior is causing tension on the farm and is leading to further division.

  7. What are the animals’ feelings towards the pigs?
  8. The animals’ feelings towards the pigs are mixed. They are grateful for the leadership the pigs provided during the revolution, but are beginning to feel betrayed by their current behavior. The pigs are no longer acting in the best interests of all the animals and are causing division and frustration among the group.

In conclusion, life on Animal Farm has definitely worsened since the overthrow of Mr. Jones. The animals are working harder, receiving less food, and living in poorer conditions. The pigs, who have taken control of the farm, are living more comfortably and are behaving like the humans they once despised. This is causing tension and frustration among the other animals, who feel betrayed by the pigs’ behavior.

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