Spruce Up Your Farmstead: DIY Farm Ornaments!

Diy Farm Ornaments

Looking to add a rustic touch to your farm decor? Discover the joy of creating DIY farm ornaments with our easy-to-follow tutorials. From handmade wooden signs to painted mason jars, transform your space with charming and personalized accents. Explore various techniques and materials to bring your farmhouse vision to life. Get inspired and start crafting your own unique farm ornaments today!

When it comes to decorating your farm, adding ornaments can be a wonderful way to infuse personality and charm into your space. DIY farm ornaments offer a unique opportunity to showcase your creative skills while enhancing the rustic beauty of your surroundings. From handmade signs to repurposed items, there are countless possibilities for creating eye-catching decorations that will catch the attention of anyone who visits your farm. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your barn, garden, or front porch, these DIY farm ornaments are sure to impress with their professional craftsmanship and timeless appeal.



Decorating your home with DIY farm ornaments can bring a touch of rustic charm and warmth to any space. Whether you live on a farm or simply love the farmhouse style, creating your own ornaments allows you to add a personal touch to your decorations. In this article, we will explore some easy and creative DIY farm ornament ideas that you can try out.

Mason Jar Candle Holders


Mason jars are versatile and perfect for creating farmhouse-inspired ornaments. To make mason jar candle holders, you will need some empty jars, twine, and faux greenery. Simply wrap the twine around the neck of the jar, securing it with a hot glue gun. Then, insert the faux greenery into the jar and place a small candle inside. This simple yet elegant ornament will add a cozy glow to any room.

Barn Wood Signs


Repurposing barn wood into signs is a wonderful way to add a rustic touch to your home decor. Start by finding a piece of weathered barn wood and sand it down to remove any rough edges. Then, paint or stencil a farmhouse-inspired design onto the wood. You can choose to write a favorite quote, display your family name, or create a sign that represents your love for farm life. Hang these signs on your walls or use them as tabletop decorations.

Chicken Wire Frame


A chicken wire frame can be a unique and eye-catching ornament for your home. Start by cutting a piece of chicken wire into your desired shape, such as a star or heart. Then, secure the edges with pliers to create a sturdy frame. You can leave it in its natural state or paint it in a color that matches your decor. Attach some faux flowers or greenery to the frame using floral wire or hot glue, and hang it on your wall for a farmhouse-inspired accent piece.

Farm Animal Silhouette Art


Create charming farm animal silhouette art by using old picture frames and scrapbook paper. Find or print out silhouettes of your favorite farm animals, such as cows, chickens, or horses. Cut the silhouettes out of the scrapbook paper and place them inside the frames. You can choose to leave the frames as they are or paint them in a distressed finish for a more rustic look. Hang these adorable pieces of art on your walls to celebrate your love for farm life.

Rustic Wreaths


A rustic wreath can instantly add farmhouse charm to your front door or any wall in your home. Start by finding a grapevine wreath base and embellish it with various natural elements such as pinecones, dried flowers, twigs, and burlap ribbon. You can also incorporate small farm-themed ornaments like miniature pitchforks or tiny wooden farm animals. Hang your unique wreath with a beautiful ribbon, and enjoy the warm welcome it brings.

Miniature Farmhouse Terrariums


Create your own miniature farmhouse terrariums using glass jars or containers. Fill the bottom of the jar with small rocks for drainage, then layer soil and moss. Add miniature farm-themed figurines such as tiny tractors, barns, or farm animals. Finish off with some small succulent plants or faux greenery. These adorable terrariums will bring a touch of nature and farm life to any corner of your home.

Farmhouse-inspired Coasters


Coasters are not only practical but can also be a stylish addition to your farmhouse decor. Start with plain wooden coasters and paint them in a distressed finish using earthy colors like cream, gray, or white. To add a farmhouse touch, stencil or freehand paint rustic farm-themed designs such as barns, windmills, or farm animals. Seal the coasters with a clear varnish to protect them from moisture and enjoy your unique farmhouse-inspired drink holders.

Farmhouse-inspired Mason Jar Vases


Mason jars can also be transformed into charming farmhouse-inspired vases. Start by painting the jars in a distressed finish or wrapping them with twine. Fill the jars with fresh or faux flowers such as sunflowers or baby’s breath for a rustic touch. Place these lovely vases on your tabletops, mantels, or windowsills to bring a burst of natural beauty to your farmhouse decor.

Farm Animal Ornaments


Create adorable farm animal ornaments using wooden cutouts or plastic figurines. Paint the wooden cutouts in farmhouse-inspired colors and seal them with a protective varnish. If using plastic figurines, spray paint them in a matte finish to achieve a more rustic look. Attach a loop of twine or ribbon to hang the ornaments on your Christmas tree or as year-round decorations. These charming farm animal ornaments will add a whimsical touch to your home.


Creating your own DIY farm ornaments is a fun and rewarding way to add a touch of rustic charm to your home decor. From mason jar candle holders to farm animal ornaments, there are endless possibilities for expressing your love for the farmhouse style. So gather your materials, unleash your creativity, and enjoy the process of bringing the warmth and coziness of the farm into your home.

Introduction to DIY Farm Ornaments:

In this guide, we will showcase a selection of creative and easy-to-make DIY farm ornaments that will help you infuse your home with a charming rustic feel. Whether you have a farmhouse-style decor or simply appreciate the timeless appeal of rustic aesthetics, these ornaments will add character and warmth to your living spaces.

Beautiful Wooden Farm Animal Silhouettes:

One delightful way to celebrate your love for all things farm-related is by crafting adorable wooden farm animal silhouettes. Using a jigsaw, you can easily cut out these silhouettes from wooden boards. To enhance the rustic appeal, paint them using muted, earthy tones. From cows to chickens, goats to horses, these silhouettes will bring a touch of farm charm to any room.

Delicate Burlap Farmhouse Wreaths:

Creating farmhouse wreaths using burlap as the main material is a fantastic DIY project that can instantly bring the farm charm to your doorstep. Combine burlap ribbons with natural materials such as dried wheat, cotton balls, or even mini fabric farm animals for a wreath that beautifully symbolizes the cozy spirit of the countryside. Hang it on your front door or use it as a centerpiece for a rustic touch.

Vintage-inspired Mason Jar Vases:

Repurposing mason jars into vintage-inspired vases can add a touch of farmhouse elegance to any room. Wrap the jars with twine or burlap and attach decorative lace or ribbon around the neck of the jar for a textured and visually appealing look. Use them to display freshly cut flowers or even as candle holders for a cozy and romantic ambiance.

Farmhouse-inspired Wooden Signage:

Crafting farmhouse-inspired wooden signs is an excellent way to create personalized decor pieces for your home. Using reclaimed wood and stencils, add phrases or words that embody the farm life such as Farm Sweet Farm or Home Grown Happiness. Paint the letters with earthy colors and distress the wood for an authentic aged appearance. Hang these signs on walls or lean them against shelves for a rustic touch.

Charming Farm Animal Mason Jar Luminaries:

Transforming mason jars into charming luminaries with cut-out farm animal patterns is an exciting and crafty project. Paint the jars in muted tones, wrap them with chicken wire or burlap, and attach the animal cut-outs to the jars. Place tealights or battery-operated candles inside the jars to create a warm and cozy ambiance reminiscent of a farm barn. Use them as centerpieces or as decorative accents throughout your home.

Whimsical Farm-inspired Front Door Decor:

Create a whimsical and eye-catching front door decor using farm-inspired elements such as bright-colored rooster feathers, miniature hay bales, faux or dried flowers, and ribbons. Attach these elements to a sturdy wreath base or a metal hoop using wire or glue. This unique decor will welcome guests with a charming farm scene as they enter your home.

Rustic Farmhouse Centerpieces:

Crafting rustic farmhouse centerpieces can instantly transform an ordinary dining table into a farm-themed focal point. Use elements like mason jars, tin cans, or wooden planters as vases, fill them with freshly picked wildflowers or dried wheat bundles, and arrange them in a visually appealing manner. Add finishing touches like rustic table runners or burlap bows to complete the farmhouse look.

In conclusion,

These DIY farm ornaments not only reflect the beauty of rural life but also give you the satisfaction of creating something unique and personal. Embrace your creative side, and let your home exude the timeless charm of the countryside!

Point of View: DIY Farm Ornaments


As a professional decorator, I understand the importance of creating unique and personalized decorations to enhance the beauty of any space. Recently, I have come across a growing trend of DIY farm ornaments that not only add character to a home or event but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere. In this article, I will share my professional point of view on using DIY farm ornaments and why they can be an excellent choice for any occasion.

Benefits of DIY Farm Ornaments:

  1. Unique and Personalized: DIY farm ornaments offer an opportunity to create one-of-a-kind decorations that reflect your personal style and taste. By handcrafting these pieces, you can ensure that no two ornaments are the same, making them truly unique.
  2. Cost-effective: Creating your own farm ornaments can be a budget-friendly option compared to purchasing ready-made decor from stores. With some basic materials and a little creativity, you can transform simple objects into charming farm-themed decorations.
  3. Customizable: DIY farm ornaments allow you to customize your decorations to suit any occasion or theme. Whether you’re decorating for a rustic wedding, a farmhouse-inspired party, or simply adding a touch of countryside charm to your home, these ornaments can be tailored to fit your specific needs.
  4. Enhances the Farmhouse Aesthetic: The popularity of farmhouse decor has soared in recent years, and DIY farm ornaments perfectly complement this design style. Adding these handmade decorations to your space can help create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that embodies the essence of country living.
  5. Encourages Creativity: DIY farm ornaments provide an outlet for your creativity and allow you to experiment with various materials, colors, and textures. The process of making these ornaments can be a joyful and fulfilling experience, showcasing your artistic abilities.


In conclusion, DIY farm ornaments offer a plethora of benefits for those looking to enhance their space with unique and personalized decorations. Not only are these ornaments cost-effective and customizable, but they also add a touch of farmhouse charm to any occasion or home. As a professional decorator, I highly recommend considering DIY farm ornaments as a creative and stylish option for your next decorating project. Embrace your inner artist, and let the charm of the countryside shine through your handmade creations!

Thank you for visiting our blog and taking the time to explore the fascinating world of DIY farm ornaments. We hope that our articles have provided you with valuable insights and inspiration to create your very own farmhouse-themed decorations. As we conclude this blog post, we would like to recap some of the key ideas and tips discussed throughout the article.

First and foremost, we have emphasized the importance of incorporating natural elements into your DIY farm ornaments. By utilizing materials such as wood, burlap, and twine, you can capture the rustic charm and authenticity of the farmhouse style. These materials not only add a touch of nature to your décor but also provide a sense of warmth and coziness.

Furthermore, we have highlighted the significance of repurposing old items and giving them a new lease on life. Farmhouse décor often celebrates the beauty of imperfections and embraces the concept of upcycling. Whether it’s transforming an old ladder into a charming plant display or repurposing mason jars as candle holders, the possibilities for creating unique farm ornaments are endless.

In addition, we have shared various creative ideas for DIY farm ornaments, ranging from wall art to table centerpieces. The key is to let your imagination run wild and personalize your creations to reflect your own style and preferences. Whether you prefer a more minimalist approach or enjoy embellishing your ornaments with intricate details, there is no right or wrong way to express your creativity.

In conclusion, we hope you have found our blog posts about DIY farm ornaments both informative and inspiring. By infusing your home with these handmade decorations, you can bring a touch of rural charm into your living space and create a cozy atmosphere that is reminiscent of the countryside. Remember to have fun with your projects, experiment with different materials and styles, and most importantly, let your creativity shine through. Happy crafting!

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When it comes to DIY farm ornaments, many people have questions about the process, materials, and ideas. Here are some of the commonly asked questions:

  1. What are some easy DIY farm ornament ideas?

    There are plenty of simple and creative DIY farm ornament ideas to choose from. Some popular options include creating rustic wooden signs with farm-themed quotes or images, making mason jar centerpieces filled with dried flowers or wheat, repurposing old farm tools as wall decorations, or crafting your own animal-shaped ornaments using felt or clay.

  2. What materials do I need for DIY farm ornaments?

    The materials needed for DIY farm ornaments depend on the specific project you choose. However, some commonly used materials include wood (for signs or barn-shaped ornaments), mason jars (for lanterns or centerpieces), burlap (for wreaths or bows), twine or rope (for hanging decor), and various paints, brushes, and adhesives for finishing touches.

  3. Are there any specific tools required for DIY farm ornaments?

    The tools needed for DIY farm ornaments vary depending on the complexity of the project. However, some basic tools that might come in handy include a hammer, nails, screws, a drill, a hot glue gun, paintbrushes, a saw (for cutting wood), and scissors (for cutting fabric or twine).

  4. Where can I find inspiration for DIY farm ornaments?

    You can find inspiration for DIY farm ornaments from various sources. Online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have countless ideas and tutorials. Home improvement stores often have sections dedicated to craft supplies and decorative items, which can spark your creativity. Additionally, visiting local farms or farmers’ markets can provide you with firsthand inspiration and ideas.

  5. How can I make my DIY farm ornaments look professional?

    To make your DIY farm ornaments look professional, pay attention to details and finish. Sand any rough edges on wooden pieces, ensure clean and precise paintwork, use high-quality materials, and invest time in proper assembly. Additionally, following tutorials or seeking guidance from experienced crafters can help you improve your skills and achieve a more polished final product.

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