How Many Different Actors Have Played Jake From State Farm? – A Look at the Evolution of the Iconic Insurance Mascot.

How Many Jake From State Farm Have There Been

How Many Jake From State Farm Have There Been? Find out about the various actors who played the iconic role in this

Have you ever wondered how many Jake from State Farm there have been? Well, buckle up because the answer might surprise you. Initially, there was only one Jake from State Farm, but over the years, the iconic character has undergone several transformations. From different actors to a complete change in appearance, Jake from State Farm has come a long way since his debut in 2011.

At first glance, you might assume that the Jake from State Farm we know today is the same as the original. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the original Jake from State Farm was played by an actual State Farm employee named Jake Stone. After the commercial went viral, the company decided to hire a professional actor to take on the role.

But that’s not all. In 2020, State Farm introduced a new Jake from State Farm in their Super Bowl commercial. This time around, the character was played by actor Kevin Miles. The new Jake had a more refined look and a different personality than his predecessor, sparking mixed reactions from fans of the original.

In conclusion, the answer to how many Jake from State Farm there have been is three. While the character’s evolution has been met with both praise and criticism, there’s no denying that he has become a pop culture icon in his own right.


When it comes to iconic commercial characters, Jake From State Farm is definitely at the top of the list. This insurance agent, who first appeared in a State Farm commercial in 2011, quickly became a fan favorite thanks to his memorable catchphrase: Uh, khakis. But how many Jake From State Farm actors have there been over the years? Let’s take a closer look.

The Original Jake From State Farm


The original Jake From State Farm was played by actor Jake Stone. He appeared in the first State Farm commercial that featured the character, which aired during the Super Bowl in 2011. In the ad, a husband calls State Farm in the middle of the night, and when his wife asks who he’s talking to, he responds, Jake from State Farm. The wife then asks what Jake is wearing, to which the husband replies, Uh, khakis. This exchange has since become one of the most recognizable commercial moments of all time.

The Second Jake From State Farm


In 2014, State Farm released a new commercial featuring Jake From State Farm. However, this time, the character was played by a different actor. This Jake was portrayed by actor and comedian Brandon Moynihan. The ad once again featured the famous Uh, khakis line, but this time it was delivered by Moynihan’s version of the character.

The Return of the Original Jake From State Farm


In 2020, State Farm brought back Jake From State Farm for a new commercial. This time, however, they went back to the original actor, Jake Stone. The ad featured several celebrities, including Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes, and once again included the classic Uh, khakis line.

Other Actors Who Have Played Jake From State Farm


While there have only been two official actors to portray Jake From State Farm in commercials, there have been several others who have taken on the role for various promotional events and appearances. These include:

  • Kevin Mimms
  • Derek Theler
  • David Haydn-Jones
  • Patrick Minogue

Each of these actors has put their own spin on the character, but they all share the same friendly, helpful demeanor that has made Jake From State Farm such a beloved figure in pop culture.

What Makes Jake From State Farm So Popular?


So why has Jake From State Farm become such a cultural phenomenon? There are a few factors that have contributed to his popularity:

  • The catchphrase: Uh, khakis has become one of the most recognizable advertising lines of all time.
  • The character is relatable: Jake From State Farm is just an average guy trying to help people with their insurance needs.
  • He’s likable: With his friendly demeanor and helpful attitude, it’s hard not to root for Jake From State Farm.
  • The commercials are funny: State Farm has done a great job of creating ads that are both informative and entertaining.

All of these factors have combined to make Jake From State Farm one of the most recognizable and beloved advertising characters of all time.

The Legacy of Jake From State Farm


While it’s unclear whether we’ll see any more iterations of Jake From State Farm in the future, there’s no denying the impact that this character has had on popular culture. From Halloween costumes to memes, Jake From State Farm has become a true icon. And with his friendly smile and helpful attitude, he’s sure to remain a fan favorite for years to come.



From Jake Stone to Brandon Moynihan, several actors have brought Jake From State Farm to life over the years. While each actor has put their own unique spin on the character, they’ve all shared the same helpful, friendly demeanor that has made Jake such a beloved figure in pop culture. Whether we see any more iterations of Jake From State Farm in the future remains to be seen, but his legacy as one of the most iconic advertising characters of all time is sure to endure.

The world was first introduced to Jake From State Farm back in 2011. He was the face of State Farm Insurance and starred in a commercial that quickly went viral. His iconic line, Uh, khakis, became a pop culture sensation. For years, he was the only Jake From State Farm anyone knew.

But in 2020, State Farm decided it was time for a change. They introduced Jake From State Farm 2.0, a new face to represent the brand. The once-original Jake From State Farm had been replaced.

Despite the change, the legacy of the original Jake From State Farm lives on. He will forever be remembered as the man who made khakis cool.

However, reviving the State Farm commercial franchise required casting a new Jake. But what makes a good candidate for this role? Is it someone with a certain look or personality traits? Or is it more about their ability to bring the character to life in a convincing way?

When it was time to search for the next Jake From State Farm, State Farm didn’t leave anything to chance. They conducted a nationwide search and received thousands of applications. They ultimately selected an actor named Kevin Mimms to become the new Jake From State Farm.

The end of an era came when the first Jake From State Farm officially passed the torch to Kevin Mimms. Although it was tough to say goodbye to the original Jake, State Farm knew it was time to keep the brand fresh and updated.

That’s why they continue to reimagine Jake From State Farm, even today. The character has evolved over time, and his appearance and personality have changed along with him. But despite the changes, Jake remains a beloved character among State Farm customers and fans alike.

The latest version of Jake From State Farm has returned to our screens once again. Kevin Mimms is the newest actor to don the khakis and red polo shirt, and he’s already making an impact. Fans are loving his portrayal of the character, and the State Farm franchise is as strong as ever.

The power of a character like Jake From State Farm cannot be overstated. He has become a pop culture icon, recognized by people all over the world. His catchphrase has been referenced in countless TV shows and movies, solidifying his place in popular culture history.

So whether you’re a fan of the original Jake From State Farm or the new version, one thing is clear: this character will continue to be a fixture of American advertising for years to come.

Have you ever wondered how many Jake from State Farm there have been? Well, let me tell you a story about it.

As the iconic State Farm commercial featuring Jake first aired in 2011, viewers were introduced to the original Jake Stone. He quickly became a household name with his classic line, Uh, khakis, and his friendly demeanor.

But as time passed, State Farm decided to switch things up and introduce a new Jake. In 2014, they premiered a new commercial featuring a new actor, Jake French. He brought his own spin to the role, but many fans missed the original Jake.

However, the saga of the Jake from State Farm didn’t end there. In 2020, State Farm once again introduced a new Jake, played by Kevin Mimms. This time, Jake was depicted as a married man with children, adding a new layer to the character.

So, how many Jakes from State Farm have there been? To sum it up:

  1. Jake Stone (2011-2014)
  2. Jake French (2014-2020)
  3. Kevin Mimms (2020-present)

Each Jake has brought their own unique personality and charm to the role, but one thing remains consistent: they all wear khakis.

In conclusion, the story of the Jake from State Farm is a testament to the power of advertising and branding. Despite multiple actors playing the role, the character has remained a beloved figure in pop culture and an integral part of State Farm’s marketing strategy.

Hello there, dear readers! It’s been a pleasure taking you on a journey to discover just how many Jake from State Farm characters there have been over the years. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article as much as I have enjoyed researching and writing it.

As we delved deeper into the history of one of the most iconic insurance commercials of all time, we uncovered some fascinating insights. From the original Jake played by actor Kevin Miles, to the current Jake portrayed by Kevin Mimms, it’s clear that State Farm has gone to great lengths to keep the character fresh and engaging for audiences all over the world.

So, what have we learned? First and foremost, that Jake from State Farm is more than just a commercial character – he’s become a household name and a cultural phenomenon. Secondly, we’ve discovered that State Farm has been smart enough to evolve the character over time, while still keeping him recognizable to audiences. And finally, we’ve seen just how important good casting is when it comes to creating a memorable and beloved character.

Before we wrap up, I’d like to thank you all for joining me on this journey. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Jake from State Farm or are just discovering him for the first time, I hope you’ve found this article both informative and entertaining. Who knows what the future holds for this iconic character, but one thing is certain – he’ll always be there to help us through life’s unexpected moments.

Until next time, stay safe and keep on learning!

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People are curious about the number of Jake From State Farm actors there have been. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers:

  • How many Jake From State Farm actors have there been?

    There have been two actors who played the role of Jake From State Farm. The first one was played by Jake Stone and the second one is played by Kevin Mimms.

  • Why was there a change in actors playing Jake From State Farm?

    The change in actors was due to a campaign refresh by the State Farm company. They wanted to give the character a fresh look and a new voice.

  • When did the change in actors happen?

    The original Jake From State Farm, Jake Stone, appeared in the first commercial in 2011. The new Jake, Kevin Mimms, made his debut in 2020 during the Super Bowl campaign.

  • Which actor played Jake From State Farm better?

    Both actors have their own unique style and charm that they brought to the role. It’s up to the audience to decide which one they prefer.

Overall, the number of Jake From State Farm actors is two, with the most recent one being Kevin Mimms who took over the role in 2020. Regardless of who played the role, Jake From State Farm has become a beloved character in the world of advertising.

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