Discover the Identity of the Current Jake from State Farm – Meet the New Face of the Insurance Giant!

Who Is The Current Jake From State Farm

Want to know who currently plays Jake from State Farm? Meet the new actor, Kevin Mimms, who took over the role in 2020.

Have you ever heard of Jake from State Farm? Of course, you have! He’s the iconic insurance agent whose khaki pants and red polo shirt have been a staple in commercials since 2011. But did you know that there is a new Jake from State Farm? That’s right, the original Jake, played by actor Kevin Miles, has passed the torch to a new actor. But who is this new Jake and how does he compare to the original? Let’s dive in and find out!


One of the most iconic commercials in recent history is the Jake from State Farm ad. The commercial first aired in 2011, and since then, it has become a cultural phenomenon. The character of Jake has been played by several actors over the years, each bringing their unique spin to the role. In this article, we will talk about the current Jake from State Farm and everything you need to know about him.

The History of Jake from State Farm

The original Jake from State Farm was played by actor Jake Stone. He appeared in the commercial alongside real-life State Farm employee Patrick Minogue. The commercial was a hit, and it quickly went viral. It wasn’t long before people started quoting the famous line, Uh, khakis. Jake Stone reprised his role several times over the years, but eventually, he moved on from the role.

The Arrival of the New Jake from State Farm

In 2020, State Farm decided to bring back the iconic commercial with a new twist. This time, instead of an all-male cast, they decided to make the new Jake from State Farm a woman. The new Jake was played by actress Kevin Mimms. The commercial premiered during the Super Bowl, and it was an instant hit. People loved the new twist on the classic commercial, and Kevin Mimms quickly became a fan favorite.

The Current Jake from State Farm

While Kevin Mimms did a fantastic job as the new Jake from State Farm, she was only meant to be a temporary replacement. The current Jake from State Farm is an actual State Farm employee named David Haynes. Haynes has been with the company for over six years, and he was selected from over 7,000 employees to play the role of Jake.

David Haynes’ Background

David Haynes grew up in Chicago and attended Southern Illinois University. After college, he worked in finance before starting his career at State Farm. He currently works in the company’s marketing department, where he helps develop advertising campaigns and other promotional materials.

How David Haynes Became Jake from State Farm

In 2021, State Farm decided it was time to bring back the original Jake from State Farm. However, since Jake Stone had moved on from the role, they needed to find a new actor to fill his shoes. That’s when they decided to hold an internal casting call for State Farm employees. Over 7,000 employees applied for the role, but ultimately, David Haynes was chosen.

The Reaction to David Haynes as Jake from State Farm

When David Haynes was first announced as the new Jake from State Farm, there was some backlash from fans. Many people felt that the character of Jake should be played by an actor, not an actual employee. However, as soon as the new commercial premiered, people quickly changed their minds. David Haynes did an excellent job in the role, and he quickly won over fans with his charming and likable personality.

The Future of Jake from State Farm

It’s unclear what the future holds for Jake from State Farm. The character has become so beloved that it’s likely we will see more commercials featuring him in the future. Whether David Haynes will continue to play the role or if State Farm will decide to switch things up again remains to be seen.


Overall, the current Jake from State Farm is David Haynes, an actual State Farm employee. He beat out over 7,000 other employees to win the role, and he has done an excellent job of filling the shoes of the iconic character. Whether you prefer the original Jake or the new version, there’s no denying that Jake from State Farm is one of the most recognizable and beloved advertising characters of all time.

The Jake from State Farm we all know and love has been a staple of television commercials for years. He’s the affable insurance agent who always seems to be on call, no matter the hour. However, in recent years, there’s been a new face of State Farm, introducing the current face of State Farm.

Meet the man behind the famous red polo: Kevin Miles. Miles has been the latest actor to take on the role of Jake, and he’s quickly made a name for himself in the world of advertising. With his easy charm and relatable demeanor, Miles has breathed new life into the character of Jake from State Farm.

But Jake from State Farm is more than just a TV commercial character. In many ways, he’s become a cultural icon, representing the idea of dependable customer service and reliability. And with Miles at the helm, that image has only grown stronger.

The evolution of State Farm’s Jake has been a fascinating one. Over the years, we’ve seen the character grow and change, adapting to the times and staying relevant in an ever-changing advertising landscape. From his humble beginnings as a simple phone operator to his big screen appearances, Jake has come a long way since his debut.

So what makes the new Jake from State Farm stand out from his predecessor? For one thing, Miles brings a fresh perspective to the role, infusing it with his own unique personality and style. He’s also a talented actor, able to convey a wide range of emotions and connect with audiences in a way that feels genuine and authentic.

But perhaps what makes the new Jake from State Farm so memorable is his ability to connect with viewers on a personal level. By portraying Jake as a friendly, approachable figure, Miles has helped to humanize the State Farm brand and make it more relatable to everyday people.

Behind the scenes with State Farm’s latest Jake, we see a hardworking actor who takes his role seriously. Miles is dedicated to bringing his A-game to every commercial shoot, working closely with the creative team to ensure that each spot is as effective as possible.

Looking to the future, it’s clear that State Farm’s iconic Jake character will continue to evolve and grow. With Kevin Miles at the helm, we can expect to see even more memorable and engaging commercials in the years to come. So whether you’re a longtime fan of Jake from State Farm or a newcomer to the brand, there’s no denying the impact that this character has had on the world of advertising and popular culture.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Jake who worked for State Farm insurance company. He became famous for his iconic role in the company’s commercial as Jake from State Farm. However, as time passed, the original Jake moved on to pursue other opportunities, leaving his fans wondering, Who is the current Jake from State Farm?

Point of View: The New Jake From State Farm

As the new face of State Farm insurance, the current Jake has some big shoes to fill. He knows that he has to uphold the reputation of the beloved character and make sure that he represents the company well. Here is a little bit about the man behind the red polo:

  1. His name is Kevin Miles. Unlike the original Jake, Kevin is not an actual State Farm employee. He is an actor who was hired to play the role of Jake in the commercials.
  2. He is from Chicago. Kevin was born and raised in the Windy City, but he currently resides in Los Angeles where he pursues his acting career.
  3. He is a former college football player. Before becoming an actor, Kevin played football at Northern Illinois University. This experience helped him develop the confidence and charm needed to portray Jake.
  4. He is proud to be the new Jake. Although he understands that some people may miss the original Jake, Kevin is grateful for the opportunity to step into the role. He hopes to bring his own unique style and personality to the character while still staying true to the essence of Jake from State Farm.

In conclusion, while the original Jake from State Farm will always hold a special place in our hearts, the current Jake, played by Kevin Miles, is doing a fantastic job at keeping the legacy alive. With his charm, wit, and relatable personality, he is sure to be a fan favorite for years to come.

So, there you have it – the answer to the burning question on everyone’s minds: Who is the current Jake from State Farm? As we’ve discovered throughout this article, the new Jake is played by actor Kevin Mimms, who took over the iconic role from actor and comedian Jake Stone in 2020.

While some fans were initially hesitant about the change, Mimms quickly won over audiences with his charming and relatable portrayal of the affable insurance agent. He brings a fresh energy to the character while still staying true to the original Jake’s likable personality and signature red polo shirt.

So, why does it matter who plays Jake from State Farm? For starters, the character has become something of a cultural phenomenon, with his catchy catchphrase and memorable commercials making him a household name. But beyond that, Jake represents a certain type of dependable, trustworthy figure – the kind of person you want on your side when life throws unexpected curveballs your way.

Overall, the new Jake from State Farm has won over fans with his wit, charm, and approachable demeanor. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the character or just tuning in for the first time, it’s clear that Kevin Mimms is the perfect fit for this iconic role.


People are always curious and have many questions about the current Jake from State Farm. Here are some of the most common questions people ask:

  1. Who is the current Jake from State Farm?

  2. What happened to the original Jake from State Farm?

  3. Is the new Jake from State Farm related to the original Jake?

  4. Why did State Farm change their spokesperson?

If you’re also wondering about these questions, here are the answers:

  1. The current Jake from State Farm is Kevin Mimms. He was introduced as the new Jake in 2020.

  2. The original Jake from State Farm was played by actor and comedian, Jake Stone. He first appeared in a State Farm commercial in 2011 and became a popular figure in the advertising world.

  3. No, the new Jake from State Farm is not related to the original Jake. They are two different actors.

  4. State Farm changed their spokesperson to keep up with the changing times and to appeal to a younger audience. The company felt that it was time for a refresh and a new face for their brand.

There you have it! Now you know who the current Jake from State Farm is and why State Farm decided to make a change.

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